3 Things To Tell Your Younger Self

November 9, 2015

Nassau, Bahamas
I came upon this question today while watching a YouTube video of Siena Mirabella. (She is a great person) And it really got me thinking. What would I tell my younger self? 

Dear my 6th grade self, 

  1. Popularity doesn’t matter  it really doesn’t. It might matter now and in the moment but 2 years from now no one will care. 
  2. Get over it as a kid i held grudges pretty much everyday. I mean I could not talk to someone for 2 weeks and that’s because I’m stubborn. I would constantly wait for an apology because I always believed the other person was at fault. In all honesty, forget it ever happened.
  3. Stop spending money I got allowance and to this day I regret always going to the mall in 6th grade buying materialistic things that I never even needed and would eventually lose interest in. You won’t fit into it soon, and that money can go towards something better, like college. 

I want you guys to think about this question and possibly even answer it in the comments because I would really like to know. This took me a lot of time to think about what I could change about myself to this day. Xoxo 



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