My Style

November 7, 2015 11:24 PM
  I couldn’t wait to tell you more about my style and who I am. So much that it took less than 5 hours after my first post and launching this blog. 

I try to live my life by the “Less Is More” motto. I love reading blogs about minialism. For example, and the (you should read their blog, it’s actually quite inspiring)

My style will be, well there’s not really a word for it. I guess unique is the word. My style is definitely not exotic but when I wear it, I walk and smile so much more. For me sweatpants and UGGs make me feel less confident. (I also don’t own uggs due to the animal cruelty they do to get the fur) 

Getting rid of the clothes I don’t need will hopefully help me show my style even better. Only keeping the things that are essentially needed will help you kick out the stress you get when choosing an outfit. 

Some things you should probably get rid of

  • That outfit you’ve been saving for next years Halloween
  • That shirt you might wear this summer
  • Those pants you are going to try to squeeze into
  • Anything that doesn’t fit (whenever something doesn’t fit, you’re less likely to grab it from your closet)

You want to feel good in your clothes, not uncomfortable constantly trying to fix it throughout the day. So get rid of that shirt you have to kept pulling up every 30 minutes. Want to know what I got rid of? Wait for my next post and see 😉




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